Proof of Proof!

I found them!  Thanks to a lead from the gracious Michael Satow, I managed to lay my hands on pictures from Proof.  

I had a great time directing two shows at Seacoast Repertory Theatre in Portsmouth, and until now I didn't have any pictures of them.  I'm still missing pictures from my award-winning production of Neil Simon's Rumors in 2009, but I did manage to find a shot of Erik Diaz's multi-level set, in a nearly-complete state.  

That bed stopped being a bed and turned into a huge, modern, oversized seating piece, the facing on that upstage right landing was added, etc.  But you get the idea.  Rumors won the Spotlight People's Choice Award for Favorite Production of the season.  It was a treat to find all the laughs in that show, and to hear audiences discover them each night.  Here's one more tiny image that was publicity but which gives a little more sense of the life of the thing.  What a fun show.  If anyone has any leads on more photographs from it, please get in touch.

The process picture of the set is also good for contrast with Kathryn Kawecki's completely different take on Seacoast's thrust space for Proof, in 2010.  You can also see both of these designers' work in other places on my site.  Erik designed the sets for Rumors and Expats.  Kathryn designed the sets for Proof and Largo Desolato, and also designed costumes for Billy Witch.  And speaking of friends I got to work with multiple times, Michael Satow was the father in Tales of the Lost Formicans when he was still a student at Northeastern, and I was thrilled to be able to get him for Hal in Proof, where he proved he could play his own age, too.